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Are you a team-player? Can you save someone’s life when you are alone?
Are you a team-player? Can you save someone’s life when you are alone?
Are you a team-player? Can you save someone’s life when you are alone?
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Innovative socializing events

We want you to get to know better, have great fun, and try something that is normally inaccessible, and also gain skills of saving life.

We guarantee that your team will get to know much better, will have great fun, and will try something that is inaccessible every day, moreover, will gain skills of saving life.

Life-saving has many faces – it can be seen with the eyes of doctors, it may struggle for a drowning person, give a hand in the rocks and high mountains, float over ice, arrive by a fire engine or find us skiing in cold forest.

Become a rescuer for a moment, and maybe you will become them for good and give somebody a second chance for life. Before it happens, get ready for big emotion, surprises, team competition, sun, laughter and snow.

 Alpine  and altitude rescue

….not necesserily in high mountains. Compulsory on skis or ropes. Victims must be transported down the trail or a friend who is hanging over a precipice must be freed. What counts is calm, cooperation and successful plan. You get equipment, good advice and careful eye of an instructor. Ready?


It is not so easy to get to people surrounded by thin layer of ice. Nevertheless, our hovercraft is  reliable in it. It goes 50cm above the surface of ice or snow at the speed of 60km/h. There will be lots of fun! Do you want to try?


What if you find yourself in the middle of the road, in the centre of a car accident, where poeple are calling for help or even dieing.  A crackup on the motorway is not a reason for getting into panic. If you are an integrated team, you have nerves of steel and a good leader – you will manage. Our paramedics will show you when and how to pull somebody from a car, how and what for to take off a motorcyclist’s helmet, and first of all how to stay safe.

 And maybe you would like to cut  a car into slices with the use of a professional hydraulic equipment? There you go – technical rescuers are on their way…


….are the toughest people, however they have got their tricks. Would you like to learn them? Or maybe you would like to see what is it like to search the building full of smoke when the flames are just behind you and you are wearing a breathing apparatus? You won’t see anything there…but you may always try. It is worth doing that.


…have got specially trained dogs and warm clothes. They also need something to go through a deep snow. What about a crazy slalom on a snowmobile? Have you ever dreamt of Formula 1? Forget about it. This is waht we call fun. We are waiting for you at the finishing post.


Didi you think that nobody drowns in winter? Not each patrol is like Baywatch – the choice is yours: you can jump into blow-hole or save somebody drowning in a luxury spa. In both  you will need to take a deep breath,  sharp eye and hands to work. It is worth to get tired. Indeed there comes the summer after each winter…, and who is more lucky than guards on a red-hot beach?


We will show you how to give first-aid – with the use of professional equipment or just two hands when there is nothing else. You need to act fast. When people stop breathing they have only 4 minutes of life. Don’t just stand like that, do something!

Get familiar with EMERMED GROUP® - a team of paramedics, cavers, boating people, doctors, divers, firefighters and alpine rescuers. We have some adventure for you.

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