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Are you a team-player? Can you save someone’s life when you are alone?
Are you a team-player? Can you save someone’s life when you are alone?
Are you a team-player? Can you save someone’s life when you are alone?
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Rescue Training Ground

Exceptional places only in EMERMED GROUP®

As only few in Poland, we may pride in the access to professional Rescue Training Ground. This is area intended  to train groups professionally connected with life-saving: PSP, OSP, WOPR, GOPR, ZHP, OC, etc. and other specialists in the fields like life-saving, technical rescue teams, search teams, ecological rescue teams, altitude rescue, as well as counter-terrorism and unconventional actions.

The rescue training ground is also an excellent place for those who need to set fire to or blow a building or a car up, as well as make a simulation of a railway catastrophe.

The rescue training ground is adapted to do medical practice, simulations of rescue actions, firefighting actions and other safety related actions. The rescue training ground may include the following simulations:

  • Car accidents

  • Mass events

  • Fire

  • structural catastrophes

  • terrorist attack

  • evacuation and transport in a difficult area

  • alpine techniques

  • search party actions

Within the practical classes we may also provide  the presence of professional rescue teams (fire brigade, ambulance service) as well as HEMS helicopter landing.

Additionally, we may provide transport from every place in Poland, warm meal and beverages during exercises, as well as accommodation in military tents.

In the Rescue Training Ground we have at our disposal suitable infrastructure like installations and buildings in which you may safely conduct most of exercises without fear of  doing damage to surrounding.

Example actions and events that have been realized in the Training Ground:
  • car accidents with the use of authentic vehicles (a car in a ditch or on the roof), from which victims must be evacuated in different ways

  • falls from heights and hanging on the ropes

  • victims in inaccessible places (drains, sewers, culvert, narrow corridors),

  • integrated actions in difficult conditions ( darkness, smoke, limited space, complicated system of rooms)

  • catastrophes with big number of  victims in a vast area – the Training Ground has surface of over 50000 square meters

  • Explosion of incendiary device in a multistorey building with many rooms – the necessity to search the place and debris, segregating and evacuation to a medical point

  • Logistic organization of big rescue actions (essential equipment, people, tactics, connection, power supply).

Classes in the Rescue Training Ground are conducted within particular courses, for instance Qualified First Aid Course or Traffic Rescue – all details are given in descriptions of particular courses from our offer and in trainings calendar. For more information about specific actions can be found out by contacting our Training Department.

Ground rent:

We also inform that we let the area of the Rescue Training Ground together with the equipment to:

  • Rescue teams and units

  • Socializing, team-building events and selective camps’ organizers,

  • Film crew

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