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Are you a team-player? Can you save someone’s life when you are alone?
Are you a team-player? Can you save someone’s life when you are alone?
Are you a team-player? Can you save someone’s life when you are alone?


Emermed brand was established in 2003 out of passion for saving life and acknowledgment of the value of human life. In 2016 deep changes were made and since then we have been operating as EMERMED GROUP®.

A natural step in development of each growing company is extending the offer. Due to dynamic changes in medical technique industry, however mainly owing to our clients, we were able to gradually extend the range of our activity. In the years 2014 -2015, which were groundbreaking in the history of our company, after receiving a record-breaking number of orders and achieving record-breaking turnover – we have decided to reinvent managing system. Thus, we have  created a selling group, in which we are able to fulfill our clients’ needs even faster and more efficiently.

EMERMED GROUP® includes Departments of:
  • Rescue Equipment

  • Trainings for Individuals

  • Trainings for B2B and Business Clients

  • Trainings for Services and Medical Staff

  • Team-building Events

  • Consulting

Not only a new logo

The changes we have introduced in Emermed are not superficial. In contrast to other companies, we are not trying to sell the same quality product in a new package. In connection with the new logo and the new website there have been made huge investments in development and accessorizing  our Training Centre, increasing employement, as well as extending and rebuilding our offer. Due to this, after becoming the client of  EMERMED GROUP® you may receive not only single products, for example rescue bags, but you may also count on decent consulting and substantive support in the field of widely-known  safety today and tomorrow. Owing to the growth of contacts, we have created a department specializing in B2B sector and business  client service, in which we are preparing customized solutions for even most demanding business clients.

Here teach people

Because of the fact that we deal with life-saving and safety daily, we know that the struggle for life and health is a remarkably serious matter. Nevertheless, we are fully aware that our clients, including the participants of first aid trainings, have not studied medical faculties or even, most probably, have not been interested in professional life-saving. Thus, we concentrate on a straightforward and attractive word. Our advisers in particular fields do not overwhelm the clients with technical data and  the instructors do not demand exceptional abilities and knowledge. We rely on friendly atmosphere and moderate dose of good sense of humour. We treat our clients the way we would like to be treated – just like people.

Owing to many years of experience we know that a relaxed person will acquire knowledge and  skills faster than the one under negative stress. We also care that all our trainings  took place in attractive venues, as well as with the best and the latest world-class equipment. That is why, since 2016 all trainings have been conducted with the use of the first in the world multimedia dummies by BRAYDEN to teach resuscitation (more information at www.brayden.pl), whereas advanced courses are conducted with the use of full figure realistic emergency dummies of an average adult’s weight. In most courses professional pretenders participate, due to that the courses are extremely successful, interesting and inimitable.

Some things never change

Regardless the changes on the market, technological advances in medicine, or evaluation in business structures, we will always stay professional, honest and involved, because we deeply believe that these values are essential in long-term relation with our clients and partners. We are convinced that throughout the years our effort has let us achieve a high position and prestige that we still have on the market.

We are already such a company that we may fulfill the needs of demanding business clients. However, we are still flexible to deal with each client individually.

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