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Are you a team-player? Can you save someone’s life when you are alone?
Are you a team-player? Can you save someone’s life when you are alone?
Are you a team-player? Can you save someone’s life when you are alone?
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Why our Trainings?

Are you sure that in an emergency you would be able to give fast and successful aid to save someone’s life? That might be a stranger or a relative or friend of yours. Sometimes you have only 4 minutes to give a chance for life.

During the trainings organized by EMERMED GROUP® you will gain skills of acting successfully and saving health and life in most common situations. Having gained these skills you will be able to keep cool and act reasonably when others get into panic.

In our offer you will find trainings on various levels and of  different range.

The exceptional features of our courses:

  • Engaging classes – intense exercises, real- life scenarios and simulations including some elements of a lecture,

  • Experienced Staff – trainings are conducted by professionally active paramedics, who have huge experience in giving trainings, and who constantly update their knowledge, as well as achieve leading places in rescue competitions (4th place in the world in the most important rescue competition Rally Rejviz 2015),

  • Innovativeness – we use modern, expensive educational equipment: breathing dummies and emergency mannequins of realistic weight, the equipment which is used by professional rescue services,

  • Training materials – in order to have the possibility of restoring the knowledge after the training, we provide concise and clear training materials

  • Certificates – after each open training we write out certificates which are approved by offices, institutions and inspection services in Poland,

  • Friendly atmosphere – during our classes there is a professional though friendly atmosphere.

We present a short description of particular trainings directed to individuals – their dates can be checked in Trainings Calendar.

Basic Life Support

One day training directed to people with no medical education, who want to learn proper steps and procedure in emergency in most common situations in everyday life.

Paediatric Life Support

In the case of children who are dynamic and have various ideas, there may often happen some unpredictable accidents. To successfully help a child it is necessary to stay levelheaded. It is much easier to do when you have practiced similar situations under supervision of a well-experienced trainer.

The training is directed especially to all parents and caregivers of little children. It has been developed in such a way to discuss as broad as possible most common incidents in which children may participate. During the training we do a great variety of exercises with the use of child and infant mannequins, what allows to practice cardiorespiratory reanimation of a child in a genuine way. Additionally, we use act-fast vests, which enable learning the thrusts, which must be done in the case of suffocating but is impossible to practise in any other way.

Rescue Training Ground

Are you always active? Do you want to gain skills of life-saving, and have a lot of fun? Check our Outdoor trainings offer, where knowledge connects with adventure! That is also a great idea for a different way of spending time with your friends. Rescue Training Ground in BASIC variant is a training prepared for people who want to combine learning with play and adventure. During the training there are professional simulations with fake wounds. The training ground is a great opportunity to check your skills in conditions akin to reality.

The training is dedicated first of all to people want to develop and achieve further knowledge, as well as to those who, at least for a moment, want to feel  like genuine rescuers. The training takes place in an area adjusted to the level of participants’ skills.

Our speciality – Traffic Rescuer

Some of our clients, especially those who have already attended our trainings and obtained basic medical skills, have special needs. We have prepared for them a training on a higher level – Traffic Rescuer. It is directed to people who often travel on roads, deal with transport privately and professionally.  The training of traffic rescue is focused on preparing the participants to manage a rescue action in a transport accident until the professional services do not come. Each participant after accomplishing the training receives the title of a Traffic Rescuer.

For natural teachers – EFR First Aid and Life Support Instructor

Some of the participants of our trainings feel that they are born to relay knowledge and skills of life-saving to others. At schools, in their workplace or among friends, but also running their own instructor business.

Those people choose EFR First Aid and Life Support Instructor. It is organized within a popular and worldwide approved, international standard of Emergency First Response. During classes, future instructors gain knowledge and skills necessary to independent conducting of trainings and to be approved to give EFR Certificates. Over 300 Instructors have left our Training Centre since 2010. Just think about it, wouldn’t you like to be one of them?

What do you get during the course? Each participant of any open training is provided with:
  • Large dose of knowledge and skills

  • High-class training staff (firefighters, paramedics, traffic rescuers),

  • Classes in professionally made Training Centre,

  • Practice with the use of top quality equipment – ex. BRAYDEN dummies (more on www.brayden.pl),

  • Coffee buffet during the whole training,

  • A gratis fob with gloves and mask for artificial respiration

  • Documents (Certificate).

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