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Are you a team-player? Can you save someone’s life when you are alone?
Are you a team-player? Can you save someone’s life when you are alone?
Are you a team-player? Can you save someone’s life when you are alone?

What makes us unique?

We have been working in the field  of life-saving, safety and trainings since 2003, which makes us well-experienced. Since the very beginning we have been focusing on one issue – life-saving. It is our passion and mission. We are versatile and open to people and we believe that trust, which our clients have in us, is the result of many years of hard work. That is why we are not afraid to claim that We are the best at life-saving.

We have been building our reputation  throughout years and we still hold it due to the fact that:
  • We are reliable  and we operate legallywe do not exist only on the Internet. You can call and visit us. We are registered in Poland and this is where we pay taxes; we employ people in a decent way and fulfill our duties fairly. We rely on fair competition.

  • We employ only professionals – counsellors and instructors have required education, big experience and practice in life-saving.

  • We are flexible and versatilewe offer wide range of equipment, individual solutions, we fulfill unusual needs, we conduct trainings of wide range of topics; the agenda of our trainings is adjusted to individual needs and possibilities of our clients. The trainings are conducted in our professional Training Centre or we arrive at clients’ venues in the whole Europe. We conduct the trainings in any foreign language.

  • We are reasonable and we tell the truthwe do not perform immediately all our clients’ wishes. First of all, we learn what their needs are, and only then we find the best solution, or - though it is not easy- we criticize and change original plans. We do not expect that our clients are knowledgeable in life-saving – it is us who are experts and that is why it is our duty to help them make a good decision.

  • We teach the latest and the most successful methods – the programmes of trainings are based on current standards and the guidelines of European Resuscitation Council (ERC), American Heart Association (AHA), Inernational Trauma Life Support (ITLS), Emergency First Response (EFR) as well as other worldwide acknowledged standards.

  • We do not save on our clients – we use top quality, world-class equipment, including multimedia dummies by BRAYDEN to teach resuscitation (www.brayden.pl) and mannequins with computer control to check the accuracy of exercises, as well as realistic full figure emergency dummies  of an average adult’s weight. We spare no expense  to  provide the participants of  trainings and events with the highest hygiene, safety and comfort.

  • We meet all the legal requirements – we give certificates and cards honoured by Polish offices, institutions and inspection services, whereas EFR certificates are honoured all around the world. Qualified Life-Saving course is conducted on the basis of necessary license.

  • We take care of privacy and sensitive data – we provide full safety of personal data – we store them in a safe data base registered in GIODO, and fulfilling all legal requirements.

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